Liberals be like: 

Little Mermaid β€œPart of your World” except for apps on my phone

A Conservative is a fellow who stands athwart history and yells, β€œIn retrospect, Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton was actually pretty good.”

Everyone has that Vietnamese friend in their phone contacts that causes a misspelled progressive tense verb to autocorrect to its infinitive form plus β€œNg”

Wakandan Savior Complex πŸ™…πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

Just used β€œscore” as in the number twenty in a work email

, huh? Y’all realize that would comprise armed Karens doing George Zimmerman neighborhood watch patrols, right?

On , Western churches commemorated the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles at while hundreds of thousands marched in protest chanting β€œ!” in a world ravaged by a disease thatβ€˜s killed millions more by suffocation.

Did you know that before Paul David Hewson became a total shill he actually got his start in an obscure Irish 80s punk/pop group called β€œU2” where he went by the stage name β€œBono”?

Just goes to show you how corrosive can be…

πŸ˜’ Tired: Social media shaming and

πŸ˜‡ Inspired: Public acts of forgiveness and reconciliation

Prosecute internet obscenity like Rudy Giuliani does broken windows

Only a beta tries to win an argument. A real Chad strives to prove himself wrong.

Name a favorite song of yours where you can’t remember the title without looking it up and you don’t know any lyrics to the point of not being able to recognize the song even when reading them.

Mine is Fearless by Pink Floyd. Huge fave, but couldn’t recite to you one lyric.

The β€œS” in C. S. sure wasn’t for β€œsubtlety.” (Meme stolen from Facebook.)

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