"Property in the hands of labor is freedom.Β Labor in the hands of property is slavery.”—Dmitri Kleiner

When you telling your girl the reasons why she should watch The Mandalorian with you

More like The Mandalorian With No Name, amirite? 🀠

Just had to argue with an old guy about the legitimacy of the place I parked my car in the church parking lot before a funeral

One of my past times is trying to get the stay-at-home mothers with LinkedIn profiles to post their kids’ milestones as job accomplishments. They are truly more impressive than anything a working professional could ever post.

β€œ[Corporate charters] are not rights in the [same] way that property [is], but legal structures made available at the discretion of those who have the care of the community. It is not alien to our legal tradition to return to these principles.” plough.com/en/topics/justice/s

If and when I pay those dues myself to stay on here, you can be sure as hell I'm getting all my money's worth!

I'm very surprised how rarely anyone posts on this instance given that membership dues are required πŸ˜‚

@SocialCoop Looks like our instance is a few versions behind! Are there plans to get upgrades installed? (Among other features, I'm looking forward to @keybase verifying my account.)

(Just to clarify, Louis invented and championed the . is an extension of the same idea, but made universal and accessible not to just employees of for-profit companies)

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