Hey Everyone,

If you are still interested in offering your voices to our (WIP) co-op spec play, we're going be doing our first readthrough on October 24th at 5PM EST if you can make it. We plan to do readthroughs every other Sunday after that date.

Here is a link to the (view only) doc:

@BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @human_equivalent @csepp n @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @sigaard @emi @Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick

@cadwellsocialcoop @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @human_equivalent @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @sigaard @emi @Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick @amikigu I'm down, I think, but can we get the time in UTC? I don't wanna have to be the one to figure out how EST/EDT works, because there is at least a 50% chance I'll mess it up.

@csepp Yeah, same thing here.

@cadwellsocialcoop We'll probably sit for a few hours I guess? It might be a bit late for me. Looks like we're starting at 23:00 my time if I'm reading the timezone thing right.

Would it be possible to have a poll with what times work for people, after we've double-checked EST/UTC stuff? If not I'll just try to make it work and stay as long as I can. :)

Thanks for the script btw, I read a few pages and it looks like fun!

@human_equivalent @csepp

We talked about this ("we" being the group that's been writing and revising this thing over the last year and a half), but we're all over the place, too (one of us is in Japan). That time was the best we could come up with that would guarantee we all make it near-reliably.

I'll bring it to the group though.

@cadwellsocialcoop @csepp

I totally understand. Makes sense.

While I can stay up for a bit (an hour or two) my partner needs to sleep by then, so I can't be too loud.

Just trying to be clear with expectations or whatever - not saying anybody needs to adapt to me. :)

@cadwellsocialcoop @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @human_equivalent @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @sigaard @emi @Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick @amikigu When I looked it up I got a warning that the EST area is currently in EDT (just like how CET is currently in CEST).
Well, I'll be there at 21:00 UTC.

@CaitlinWaddick Ah, I'm really sorry, I didn't hear back and didn't think it was happening so I don't think I can make it back in time! I'll try (I never got a meeting link I don't think, so I assume others didn't too)

@Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick @cadwellsocialcoop @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @human_equivalent @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @sigaard @emi @amikigu I never got a link either but I'm here. I was hoping for someone to post the link in time, and fate delivered. So are we doing it? I don't see anyone in the room.

@csepp @human_equivalent @cadwellsocialcoop @Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @amikigu

Had a really great time doing the first reading of the radio-drama with you all!

So much so that I propose we re-imagine our 'end' goal for this project. Is anyone available to meet next week, October 31st @ 9pm UTC to chat this over? I promise it won't be ghostly? spooky?

If not, I'll try to communicate proposal in alt way!

@emi @csepp @human_equivalent @Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @amikigu

Sorry I missed this. The 31st was my wife's birthday, so I would've had to miss the discussion.

I actually came on to tell you all that I'm going to have to miss today's meeting as well because I'm traveling.

Did we decide on end goal? If you all discuss today I'll reach out to see what's going on and fit myself in.

@cadwellsocialcoop @emi @csepp @human_equivalent @CaitlinWaddick @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @amikigu

@emi has a proposal for how to continue that we should discuss and you need to be part of that discussion. So maybe better to re-schedule?

@Matt_Noyes @cadwellsocialcoop @emi @csepp @CaitlinWaddick @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @amikigu Sorry, can't make it today either. My brain is acting up and this time zone thing makes it a bit harder - I need my sleep. I'll gladly record something just for fun until next time though, is anyone wants to pass around recordings to practice with.

@csepp @human_equivalent @cadwellsocialcoop @emi @CaitlinWaddick @BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam

Hi everyone, how about we reschedule for Sunday Nov. 21
3pm MDT/7am JPT/11pm Berlin?

@CaitlinWaddick @cadwellsocialcoop I'm really sorry, suddenly travelling unexpectedly. Will join in the next one if there is. Sorry!

@cadwellsocialcoop Thanks; I don't get my schedule that far out, but I'll read through it and let you know as soon as I do. Definitely don't count on me yet though; if it doesn't work out, best of luck! If it does: see you soon!

@cadwellsocialcoop Got my schedule; I am definitely available on the 24th!

I'm sorry I missed this! Was never notified, and couldn't begin to explain why. I guess I need to check my filters or something 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

I hope all involved had fun!

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