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I'm now looking for some good #solarpunk and #lunarpunk books. Do you have any recommendations?

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I havent seen too many gliders (basically small planes without engines) in solarpunk stuff (although its very possible i just missed it)
On good days when the conditions are right you can travel 100km+. You just need to get into the air to start either by tow or winch. And the rest of the journey is riding thermals and mountain winds, all of which is ultimately solar powered.
I just think theyre cool

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If you have some money, you can help us maintain it and do new things with it. If you are interested, please support us.

Fedibird supports Mastodon, and we will actively pull-request any results that can be adopted by Mastodon.

In addition, when there is a difficult choice that divides opinions in Mastodon, Fedibird will act as another Mastodon to help maintain the original policy.

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This summer, I'm gonna be re-releasing a 4-part radio documentary series on anarchism via The Rebel Beat podcast feed, "Freedom on the Air". Originally produced for CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal back in 2004, this in-depth audio documentary on anarchist history, theory and practice has been unavailable for years... until now! Hope you enjoy Part 1: Anarchy 101. Part 2 coming next week.

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Hey who knows stuff about advertising?

If I want to start a business and get a product in front of a relevant (IT-people centric) audience, do I have to give money to Google and Facebook?

So far, most of the places I'd think to advertise outsource ad placement to google/doubleclick. DuckDuckGo does their ads through Microsoft.

Any ideas?

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I swear, someone really needs to write a guide or short e-book on "how to do ethical and effective advertising online which respects your customers"

I mean, as a consumer there's a lot you can do to prevent tracking, invasive advertising etc, but what does doing it the "right" way look like for a small business or microbusiness?

Does nobody believe in productive businesses anymore, just endless funnel marketing of online courses

#advertising #business #foss #privacy

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Well, there are three #buzzwords from my three unofficial enemy images in the title, so I almost have to share it. No, seriously, what bothers me about #Apple, #Telegram and #Chrome is their #marketing as a secure and apparently best solution. It's almost presumptuous, and this example in particular shows that they, like everyone else, only boil water. Apart from that, #security is always a multi-layered #system and not a single #product.

#macos #itsecurity #maleware

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@liaizon @milan

#fediverse #followerpower
Our school was hit by the floods at July 13.
We are running our own server, using #Matrix, #Nextcloud and #Peertube with @milan's help.
The server is gone. We have organized a replacement-server and @milan is currently setting it up. You can donate and help us with the costs:
Förderverein Hermannschule
IBAN DE13 3916 2980 7318 2590 16
Usage: Wiederaufbau Server
Feel welcome to boost, thanks!

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8 years ago, my digital life was almost entirely stored in Google data centers.

Today, I self-host a handful of services on a Raspberry Pi on my LAN and use privacy-friendly services. Small tech feels good.

I wrote a few words about the moving process 👀

cc @aral: I'm a big fan of your work. I donated to the Small Tech foundation recently, and you + Laura are an inspiration in this space. Keep up the great work!

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Things I like about Object Oriented Programming:

* you can point at an unknown chunk of data someone gave you and find out what kind of thing it is, because it carries its type/class signature with it

* you can be reasonably sure that a thing of type/class Foo really is a Foo and obeys some definition of Foo-ness, because nobody can make or alter a Foo except Foo's code

* you get places to put things, and those places have names, which is a much bigger part of programming than it seems

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@tindall Most software, including FOSS, is designed to work in a client-server configuration because this is where the money go. As such, very few developers work on user-empowering #p2p . On top of that, a lot of companies benefit from centralization so they actively oppose decentralization.

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Fork Awesome is a Libre font project which has hundreds of useful icons that anyone can use. You can follow at:

➡️ @forkawesome

The project's website is at

(As its name suggests, it's a fork of the original Font Awesome project. Unlike Font Awesome, Fork Awesome does not require javascript.)

#ForkAwesome #FontAwesome #Font #Fonts #CSS #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #WebDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment #Productivity #SelfHosting #Dev

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Can anybody recommend a good ethical and/or cooperative VPS and/or hosting service provider? I want to set up a #NextCloud instance for my family.

Please boost if you don't know but are also curious for recommendations!

#vps #selfhosting #foss #OpenSource

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In the past 48 hours I've seen "If you use a tiling window manager you're probably a racist toxic fossbro", "if you support FOSS you're likely a liberal or a toxic fossbro", "If you use emacs you're part of the problem" and uh...

Can we just stop putting people in bins based on what tools they use and, more likely, what they had available to them when they first learned how to interact with tech?

Y'all stressing me out because I've seen these funny little takes go viral and become zeitgeist material.
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Matching my notes to my website, and slowly moving them from the notes app to Left 💅

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