Glad to be here at with my first Mastodon account!

I'm an activist and community organizer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I want to connect with people who are somehow active and interested in the following topics:


so much for my ... Get in touch!

@bruno Welcome! Please feel free to toot about your activities, questions, ideas...

@bruno 👋 Welcome to the weird and wonderful universe 😃


Greetings from Finland!

Are you involved with Collective Tools?


Greetings Leo! Not directly involved. Just a tiny bit when Petter and Andreas were still conceptualizing it.

Are you curious about anything in particular, or maybe want to get in touch with them?


I had a call with them few days ago, wondered if you are involved with it as well :).

@bruno welcome to the fediverse and looking forward to seeing your updates.

Throwing in a recommendation: The book 'The Mushroom at the End of the World' by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing is a fascinating study on gift culture, cooperation, and "latent commons" (commons existing within and around capitalist systems). If you don't know it then it might be of interest.

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