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last time i talked about latin american politics publicly a bunch of white people said i was lying about being south american and put me on a twitter block list

new fascist dictator of bolivia, colonialism, theocracy

"The forces fomenting antisemitism are the forces arrayed against oppressed people around the world, including Palestinians; the struggle against antisemitism is also the struggle for Palestinian freedom. I stand in solidarity with my friends in Israel, in Palestine, and around the world who are trying to resolve conflict, diminish hatred, and promote dialogue, cooperation, and understanding."


So, I guess it's time for me to request that people please CW Christmas stuff, because as a retail/service industry worker, seeing posts about that compounds existing stress in my life and kinda makes me not want to be here.

I'm not a "Grinch" or a "Scrooge" I'm just stressed the fuck out around this time of year and it'd be nice if folks would respect that. Thank you.

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advice to tech writers writing about mastodon or the fediverse at large: don't over-exaggerate, don't claim mastodon is nazi-free etc.. instead link to this: and summarize/paraphrase @maloki 's points while doing so.

Teepubic's doing another sale until Saturday and I've got a few new designs:

@MoMartin and I are doing a q&A right now, follow the hashtag #AskMarciaX if you wanna follow, or mute it if you dont

heya! so there's a terf speaking at a toronto public library today and the protest is gonna be a big trans reading group where ppl read like short works and poetry by trans authors

if anyone has short stuff that's good as mic pieces i'd love to have a chance to read something!

Don't get it twisted. Bill Maher absolutely represents what the main stream of the Democratic Party thinks, they just use him to say the quiet part loud about what they think of Muslims and trans people.

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