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I don't often tweet about roles at labs.quansight.org, but this one feels a little special🙂. We're hiring for a Pandas maintainer!


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I'm wrote about my experience teaching programmers how to use AWS, and building a course on top of AWS Academy's Learner Lab.


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If the civility scolds want to put private residences totally off-limits, they should probably be lobbying Congress to drop the ban on protesting at the Court. 36/

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Point By Point is out!

- Immersive journalism
- Horse racing
- Parties with a rather fast set
- Two secret societies with very different goals
- Longstanding friendships
- New romance!


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In addition to all this excellent information: if you're disabled or have any history at all of kidney function impairment, ask your doctor right now to order an eGFR blood test so you have the results on hand. They will want results from the last 6 months to prescribe Paxlovid.

[re: siderea.dreamwidth.org/1759230 ]

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"...Phrases from the credits become diegetic a lot. It’s cute. I think Babylon 5 has too much Important Speech for some, but I like it, as someone who peppers the way I talk with unmerited gravitas sometimes. Damn but we really are all alone in the night."

Anyway, Read Molly's Babylon 5 Essay And Subscribe To Her Blog.


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If you're looking to return to DW after a long sabbatical or you're checking us out for the first time: welcome! We are a 100% user-funded site with no advertising, no venture capital, no outside investors, and a 14-year track record of putting our users first.

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Crossed paths with Urvashi many times when I was working at LGBT orgs at the start of my career. She pioneered many of the strategies and supported so many activists fighting for human rights.

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"Urvashi Vaid was a leader, a warrior, and a force to be reckoned with," said @`TheTaskForce
executive director Kierra Johnson.


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Apr 18 Today @`runforsomething
is announcing Clerk Work, our $80 million 3-year plan to save democracy from the ground up by recruiting & supporting 5,000+ candidates for local offices in charge of election administration.

@`ec_schneider has the details:


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They're gonna come for libraries and books even harder than they ever had before. Y'all better get ready.

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Good news, everyone! PyGotham is back online for 2022 with our next iteration of the PyGotham TV format. We're calling this year's event The PyGotham Film Festival, and you can read all about it here: 2022.pygotham.tv/2022/05/22/an .

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Please RT: Do you run an event or moderate an online community?

Improve your community's safety by attending an @`ottertechllc Code of Conduct enforcement workshop!

2022 workshop dates are:

Feb 16
Mar 9
Apr 6
Jun 15
Aug 3
Sept 14
Oct 5
Nov 2



online community/event planning opportunity 

The June online workshop date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Planning to run an event next month? This is a great step to help you prepare.

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