Today I'd like to give thanks for the "view source" menu item in Netscape Navigator for my 20+ years of career. I still believe that "view source" has been the farthest reaching driver of tech growth in my lifetime.

@bmez It's amazing what sharing knowledge with each other can do!

@mayel @bmez I worry that view-source won't be nearly the same for the next generation, with how minified/compiled/transpiled everything has become

@codesections @mayel @bmez When it comes to JS, yes; when it comes to HTML, interactive DOM inspectors are much more usable nowadays.

@phoe @mayel @bmez that's true. However, it is not quite as useful if the html isn't designed for human consumption/isn't hand built. (I'm thinking of things like React)

@codesections @mayel @bmez Yep, obfuscation is an issue. But in that case, a DOM editor will at least give you something you can work with, opposed to a raw HTML source that might not even contain a single newline when minified.

@phoe @mayel @bmez that's true, it's definitely better than without it. But I still feel that it doesn't live up to the golden age of Netscape's view source

@codesections @mayel @bmez That isn't a technical issue though, it's people who first create tons of pointless Javascript shit to make their websites slow and then minify it all to create an illusion of making lean websites.

@codesections @bmez @mayel

And how complicated. I wonder if it is not possible to re-simplify a stack...

@codesections I worry about that too. To a certain extent the dam has broken and access to programming skills is easier than ever, and so many people are involved in tech that it's fairly demystified.

However I'm not sure how much that can compete with the "aha!" moment of looking under the hood of any site and seeing something readily understandable.

@codesections @mayel @bmez

Not if I have anything to do with it. Because I love the fact I'm letting people everything in Odysseus, including it's viewsource page!

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