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Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

Exciting development in my neighbourhood: Coho Coffee now has summer drinks including espresso tonic!!!

They’re adding some house made citrus syrup & a slice of candied lemon.

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after much hesitation i'm deciding give #opencollective a try with @fission as my host.

this is for anyone who wants to help me continue creating projects that are public, accessible for free, and open-source. no account necessary, just email address

(it won't go unnoticed as my current money situation is 'comfortably precarious' and i tend to remember who has my back).

Good suggestions from @genmon: Three requests for the Google Chrome team as they experiment with RSS

I disagree with: “the browser is not the best place read RSS feeds long term” — web apps are a good thing!

“Apple has served no meaningful role in the customer acquisition and “deserves” nothing more from the transaction than what a CDN and commodity credit-card processor would charge.”

— Developer Relations, Marco Arment

Went to the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday. This giant wall mural by Laura Brevner & James Harry was amazing to see in person.

Did a bit of work on trying to setup @matrix powered Cactus Comments for the @moaparty site using the quickstart

But, the cactus bot doesn't seem to respond.

I went ahead and deployed comments on the MoaParty site, and added notes for Matrix and other protocol items

Just ordered some live spot prawns for pick up next weekend from Skipper Otto.

Sign up for this season’s Community Supported Fishery membership ends May 31st.

A few pictures from today’s install of @rachaelashe’s “Patterns of Influence” show. Opens this Thursday at the Craft Council gallery on Granville Island.

I’m slowly adding some of my long time startup templates and resources to @VentureScoutsCA.

I just added this budget scenario template I use to help founders model expenses. Good to get comfortable with numbers!

Peace Public License, a new license designed to be “a copy-farleft cooperative non-violent public license which was more publically available and which was more openly and actively maintained”.

I toured @stevekrueger’s new coworking space yesterday at 1758 W 8th.

Very excited to see the space become a community hub for founders & funders in the DTC ecommerce space.

Rhubarb syrup. Chop rhubarb, cover in sugar, let sit for several days. Strain to get syrup, cook down rhubarb with water to get more liquid out.


Made with Caliber Espresso and @FeverTreeMixers tonic. Plus a little bit of ice in a to go cup, perfect for drinking in the sun in the park.

We went for a walk in Burnaby’s Central Park.

You can take a car share & drop it right at the border, or get off at a nearby Skytrain station.

Nice to be in the big trees & lots of green.

I am very excited that my local coffee shop @timbertrain Depot is going to experiment with espresso tonics NEXT WEEK!!!

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This is an MLA, tweeting out a link that is not for AstraZeneca vaccines (available for 40+ at pharmacies that you have to hunt down individually) but rather for the Pfizers that everyone in BC can register for but that aren't yet available for most AZ-eligible people.

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Docker containers are kind of neat. They are also kind of a craven surrender to the rotting mess of excessive software complexity.

This is a truly amazing post by @moxie and the Signal messenger team.

Even if you don’t understand all the technical ins and outs, you will appreciate the writing & tone. We need more non-profits at web scale like this.

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@BillSeitz @bmann @ABSamma I was thrilled when @cstross had some fun experimenting with TiddlyWiki back in 2005. Lovely that it is still live

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