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First time back dining in at Dosanko Restaurant after almost 2 years. House made tsukemono (pickles) — including local fiddleheads. To finish, their own 3 year old umeboshi (plum wine).

“more than other networked software, tools for thought want to be owned. I don’t want to store my second brain on someone else’s computer.“

Aggregators aren’t open ended, @gordonbrander

Tonight is our third swim in the city pool at New Brighton Park. You need to book a 1.5 hour slot, so this picture is as the previous time slot clears out.

With the Port of Vancouver Pacific Elevators behind it.

Stopped in at the new Nemesis next to Emily Carr. Incredibly gorgeous building, filled with delicious coffee & pastries & a bit of brunch.

Miso Pork was the “sausage of the day” at Oyama today.

Kaisereck on Granville Island now has a patio.

Currywurst, Schnitzel plates, and German wheat beer. The fries are excellent!

And it’s @rtanglao’s birthday!

Tomorrow I’m hosting @fission usual Thursday tech talk with @rosano.

We’re having an open discussion on how privacy preserving can be created and funded without holding data hostage.

We have some extended background thoughts on the forum

Register to join us

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But Indonesian ojol aren't helpless before their apps; a legion of toolsmiths produce, share, sell and support "tuyul apps" named for "a child-like spirit in Indonesian folklore that helps his human master earn money by stealing," which modify the Gojek app.

As part of her MIT PhD, Rida Qadri studied Gojek, ojol and tuyul apps, and her account of the grey-market Gojek ecosystem for Motherboard is riveting.


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Single CLA - a contributor licensing agreement (CLA) that an individual dev only has to sign once & keep in their own git repo.

Great work by Kyle Mitchell, more in the forum

Testing a Pixelfed instance @practicedao

Also thanks to @rosano I’ve totally gone down the Cloudron rabbit hole 🕳

A long weekend on Bowen, in pictures;:

shady forest walk
huckleberries are ripe
Crowsnest Riesling, dry, very nice flavour, that I’ll write more about
Bowen Bay beach, where I had my first ocean swim of the season

Amusingly, I registered ‘indiegit’ about a year ago.

I went ahead and used DigitalOcean to install Cloudron, and used that to install Gitea.

The “Migrate from GitHub” is pretty straightforward.

I was reminded by @and_how that we’re just past the 10 year anniversary of HTML5 Summer DevFest, one of the first events we did together.

Here’s to many more post-pandemic events, including #22022022

A lot of thanks are owed to Kyle Mitchell for his amazing work in pioneering, evolving, and plain English improving various open licenses.

He has just published a round up of the licenses he has worked on.

“We don’t have a theory for how human decision-making operates in an algorithm-driven online network of comprising billions of souls”

@CT_Bergstrom’s new paper, Stewardship of global collective behavior

[Licenses Alone Do Not Govern Behavior in Open Source( by @MWeinberg2D covers a recent case where the maintainer didn’t want to have to handle increased support — but then also didn’t want to be forked.

Robin Sloan’s email newsletter is just a link to a web page.

via Robin Rendle who talks about this as an antidote to the “sameyness” of newsletters cough Substack cough

Bikes at Burnaby Lake. It was extremely sunny and hot, but with a nice breeze. We didn’t last long at our usual bench — we found some shade and lay in the grass.

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i'm chatting live with @fission again on july 8th, this time about 'earning a living from apps without holding other people’s data'.

be welcome and feel free to comment on the discussion:

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