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I gave a talk back in Oct 2019 about licensing evolution.

A good time to reflect about what you want from your software and your licenses.

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Join us for this week's tech talk on Thursday, March 25th for a presentation by @jameslittle230 on Stork: fast web search for static sites

It's built in #Rust and uses #webassembly all in a way that plugs nicely into JavaScript and your static content.

I have a Ghost Pro-powered links / newsletter / subscription thing now. I wrote a first post, and it has a couple of interesting links. Never mind about the monkey.

Yesterday was spent on the North Shore. @rachaelashe has work in the art for kids show at Seymour Gallery in Deep Cove.

Then walked the Spirit Trail along the waterfront east to Cap Mall. A bit of sun sparkle & the view over to downtown Vancouver & port.

It’s a rainy cold day, but the cherry blossoms are coming out.

Spent a couple of hours this morning inside, taking a course from Eikcam Ceramics. I made a bento box and side dishes.

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what the fuck

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Feature idea: auto translate Mastodon to Twitter accounts and vice versa. Posted to the GitLab issue

#wdyt is this a good idea? #moaparty

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Maybe the interesting divide has become "Do you get most of your 'apps' through an app store or a web browser?" If the answer is the latter, then the follow-up question "Which browser?" is increasingly "Chrome." So oddly, Safari has the most influence on the platforms where developers are already used to using the app store as an escape hatch. Maybe the real question is: why write an Android app anymore? Just write a PWA, convert it to a TWA, and skip having a separate Java/Kotlin codebase.

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Holy shit this is so very correct. New rule: Surnames will be crowd sourced and/or fluid. No more worrying about whether you should change your name when you get married. You're Pam FromAccounting and that's it.

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new launchlet tutorial gets into some of the inner workings of the composer, how to call other recipes, copying both the page title and url to the clipboard…

will try to make more of these to demystify the system, thanks to @bmann for the idea

A walk to Prototype Coffee. They sell colourful potions & waffles, plus have a mirrored moss portal at their entrance.

I wrote up a personal post about running @moaparty as a public utility

Also check out the project website and status page at

Thanks @flancian & @vera for going on this adventure together.

North: up Howe Sound towards Squamish

South: Passage Island, out of Howe Sound, across Burrard Inlet, UBC in the distance

West: Bowen Island, Snug Cove and Deep Bay, a short 20 minute ferry ride.

Very interested in @resonatecoop’s work around Verifiable Credentials.

VCs are a DID linked “proof”, and they have a demo including a Discourse plugin to grant access to a private group. Image from technical overview flyer.

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Yesterday’s presentation to the #IPFS Local Offline Collaboration SIG is now available.

Check the blog post for video and slides, and links to the GitHub issues to make improvements

Detail of @timbertrain Depot hand made coffe cups, and crocuses blooming in the park. Sunshine time ☀️

My local park was gloriously sun-drenched today. The sun was warm on my face and my skin was just drinking it in.

I sat on a bench & ate some lunch, and walked some laps listening to music after 5 hours of calls.

Round two in the evening, with an energizing talk. Thanks Elty.

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cc @flancian — maybe we don’t have to come up with our own Stoas and Squads and learn some terminology from elsewhere
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Fascinating site on practical methods for social convening, composing individuals into dyads into “crews” into “congregations”. Mostly it suggests how deep the “skill tree” can be for something seemingly so “innate” as social convening. (via @tayroga)

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An uncomfortable truth that open-source projects struggle with:👇

Improvements to your onboarding docs generate 10X the ROI vs improvements to your codebase 🔖

Great documentation creates a virtuous cycle of adoption, contributor diversity, and success.♻️

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