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Memo to sentient beings from @gordonbrander:

The internet is a tool for thought
and might as well get good at it.

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Twitter friends! I am in need of an arXiv endorsement 🙏 (I'm trying to submit a CS/cryptography paper). I am of course happy to share a copy of the paper in question, etc.

Please DM me if you're able to help!

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The recording of the series kickoff in the community is now live on the event page.

Thanks @RobertHaisfield @JoelChan86 @balOShere for your generative research and to my amazing co-hosts @jessmartin and @bmann 💕

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An unexpectedly hard part of - actually putting ideas out there to be challenged. Today's idea: talk.fission.codes/t/increment - even if it proves unworkable, grateful to my colleagues @FISSIONcodes and the @IPFS community for the opportunity to contribute.

It’s been a while since some good content got shared!

On the left, refrigerator pickles with white vinegar and brine. Will take about 3 days to sour.

Right, just brine, will take 7-10 days to ferment, with a fancy Kraut Source fermentation lid.

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If you want to join us for the Gathering in Berlin before @ETHBerlin and @dappcon_berlin - please answer these 3 simple questions:


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What do we do in a bear market? We build!

Today I'm beyond excited to announce @SongADAO's first new thing!

It's called SongADEX.

Remember! @expede gave everybody in Web3 homework on her last slide!

We need to build out all of these required items, AND we need them to interop

@flancian yes I am and it’s already happening.

And: not a browser, an app. eg a desktop RSS reader might be an example, but so is Gemini or SSB.

Not walled if the content is defined and alternate clients can be built, whether content standard and/or transport protocol. SMTP is the classic example for transport.

Ultimately lots of these apps also consume / produce “web” formatted content HTML/CSS/JS/WASM.

@flancian browsers (and browser standards) are mostly at peak stagnation.

Brave is a notable exception. And we have The Browser Company and others trying some new things. So signs of new things happening.

If you can deliver a desktop app and mobile for your (open, standards based) content, do you need “the web”?

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@matteocollina @davidmarkclem @keet_io The web is bigger than browsers. Would love for browser innovation to catch up to provide capabilities to run actual p2p things there.

A new to me term, “recommendation media” as driven by algorithms, from the article “The End of Social Media” by @mignano

This observation comes as TikTok algos reign supreme, Insta cranks up algos, & even FB deprioritizes friends. every.to/p/the-end-of-social-m

First swim of the year at New Brighton Park. Sun setting at end of day, Burrard Inlet & north shore mountains behind.

We’ll try for a couple more dips this week while temperatures are high.

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Brave has shipped a number of IPFS features and now FIL support in their wallet. And we've got yet more interesting things coming. We've learned a bunch about building a multi-protocol browser... which I should probably write up in a blog post at some point. twitter.com/FilFoundation/stat

“If you decentralize, the system will recentralize, but one layer up. Something new will be enabled by decentralization.”

— @gordonbrander, Decentralization enables permissionless innovation subconscious.substack.com/p/de

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At yesterday's @blueyard event, @expede recommended reading this, which I was very surprised many had not heard of: dreamsongs.com/RiseOfWorseIsBe

If you make software, you should read it.

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@cyber_hokie @expede Not trying to break anything.

Trying to continue mine & @expede’s history of open source public goods work, and pool code, research, and governance rather than duplicate.

If many entities are going to use a common standard - maybe everyone give back.

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@hudsonjameson @0xhyacinths Yup. This is open source. “Other projects” — like GnosisChain or Polygon — are going to have to put in the time & resources into code, research, and governance first.

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So, 3 weeks ago our @duchesscocktail factory went online. In the span of 7 months, we built out a production space and acquired the many licenses needed to produce bottled cocktails. Tomorrow we’re finally restocking our second flavour — Duchess Lemon Drop. 🍋✨ What a journey.

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