A walk before dinner down to the Lagoon on .

1) Looking across Deep Bay to the mountains at the edge of Howe Sound.

2) My favourite willow.

3) Panorama of the causeway.

Nature is healing. Afternoon coffee at @revolver_coffee with @expede @midijeffg @rtanglao

Nanaimo day trip: breakfast at Gabriel’s, Neck Point Park, Chris & Erin at White Rabbit Coffee.

Many other places visited, picnics consumed, & parks hung out in, on a long, hot day. Next time, need to include an ocean swim!

Heading to Nanaimo for a day trip. Looking back up Howe Sound as the sun rises.

I tried out the Franklin Food Lab in my neighbourhood this week: frozen ramen!

I bought two & had the spicy tonkatsu for lunch, the yuzu shio in my freezer for another time. Very tasty, looking forward to trying all the flavours! franklinfoodlab.ecwid.com/

Went to the Imperfect Offerings show at the RAG yesterday.

I was blown away by Naoko Fukumaru’s work, where she does kintsugi on & with a variety of objects & materals: urchins, gilded blackberry spines, & barnacles. richmondartgallery.org/imperfe

Making CRDTs faster, by @JosephGentle:

“I want Google Docs without Google…I think [CRDTs are] the future of collaborative editing. And maybe the future of all software - but I’m not ready to talk about that yet.” josephg.com/blog/crdts-go-brrr

First time back dining in at Dosanko Restaurant after almost 2 years. House made tsukemono (pickles) — including local fiddleheads. To finish, their own 3 year old umeboshi (plum wine). dosankorestaurant.ca/

Tonight is our third swim in the city pool at New Brighton Park. You need to book a 1.5 hour slot, so this picture is as the previous time slot clears out.

With the Port of Vancouver Pacific Elevators behind it. portvancouver.com/cargo-termin

Stopped in at the new Nemesis next to Emily Carr. Incredibly gorgeous building, filled with delicious coffee & pastries & a bit of brunch.

Miso Pork was the “sausage of the day” at Oyama today.

Kaisereck on Granville Island now has a patio.

Currywurst, Schnitzel plates, and German wheat beer. The fries are excellent!

And it’s @rtanglao’s birthday! kaisereckdelicatessen.com/

A long weekend on Bowen, in pictures;:

shady forest walk
huckleberries are ripe
Crowsnest Riesling, dry, very nice flavour, that I’ll write more about
Bowen Bay beach, where I had my first ocean swim of the season

Amusingly, I registered ‘indiegit’ about a year ago.

I went ahead and used DigitalOcean to install Cloudron, and used that to install Gitea.

The “Migrate from GitHub” is pretty straightforward.

I was reminded by @and_how that we’re just past the 10 year anniversary of HTML5 Summer DevFest, one of the first events we did together.

Here’s to many more post-pandemic events, including #22022022

Bikes at Burnaby Lake. It was extremely sunny and hot, but with a nice breeze. We didn’t last long at our usual bench — we found some shade and lay in the grass.

Exciting development in my neighbourhood: Coho Coffee now has summer drinks including espresso tonic!!!

They’re adding some house made citrus syrup & a slice of candied lemon. coho.coffee/

Went to the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday. This giant wall mural by Laura Brevner & James Harry was amazing to see in person.

Just ordered some live spot prawns for pick up next weekend from Skipper Otto.

Sign up for this season’s Community Supported Fishery membership ends May 31st. skipperotto.com/

A few pictures from today’s install of @rachaelashe’s “Patterns of Influence” show. Opens this Thursday at the Craft Council gallery on Granville Island. rachaelashe.com/news/patterns-

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