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Memo to sentient beings from @gordonbrander:

The internet is a tool for thought
and might as well get good at it.

It’s been a while since some good content got shared!

On the left, refrigerator pickles with white vinegar and brine. Will take about 3 days to sour.

Right, just brine, will take 7-10 days to ferment, with a fancy Kraut Source fermentation lid.

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What do we do in a bear market? We build!

Today I'm beyond excited to announce @SongADAO's first new thing!

It's called SongADEX.

Remember! @expede gave everybody in Web3 homework on her last slide!

We need to build out all of these required items, AND we need them to interop

First swim of the year at New Brighton Park. Sun setting at end of day, Burrard Inlet & north shore mountains behind.

We’ll try for a couple more dips this week while temperatures are high.

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So, 3 weeks ago our @duchesscocktail factory went online. In the span of 7 months, we built out a production space and acquired the many licenses needed to produce bottled cocktails. Tomorrow we’re finally restocking our second flavour — Duchess Lemon Drop. 🍋✨ What a journey.

Chairs in the park with a Timbertrain Depot espresso tonic.

Ok! We’re all setup at the FIL Austin Hacker House.

Thanks to @FilFoundation for partnering with us on this!

The space at @CapitalFactory is amazing!

“Please, keep saying wallet. All words should be wallet.” — @depatchedmode

Read about _The Wallet Stack_ to learn more about the nuances of wallets. Also wallets. Plus wallets. fission.codes/blog/wallet-stac

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I have this collection of framed pattern mixing collages back in the studio after a show: rachaelashe.com/shop/collage

If you're interested, buy now because I'll be increasing the prices. They are currently ridiculously underpriced.

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last week I published a vision for the 2030s

I also have an adjacent-possible vision—one that's already here if you squint and look closely!

here's a graphic of it
next tweet has a link to a post about it

Nudelauflauf: made with ricciarelle noodles (a bit like skinny lasagna).

Remembered the trick of using a box grater to grate fresh tomatoes, made a very garlicky sauce, then put in cooked noodles and broiled with raclette on top.

Got out for a walk in Pacific Spirit Park. It was warm (finally!) and the light was dappling through the green everywhere.

On the way, an awesome lunch at Simit Bakery on West 4th. Got the Turkish breakfast - no photo, but recommended! simitbakery.ca/

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My studio sale continues. I've added more items to the shop: rachaelashe.com/shop/studio-sa

These are paper sculpture experiments, framed, and ready to hang.

Eating out at restaurants is still a new thing, so it’s special to go to Kulinarya, a Filipino restaurant in our neighbourhood.

Okoy (vegetable fritters), tortang talong (eggplant omelette), and “sizzling” sisig (crispy pork ear), plus garlic rice. kulinarya.ca

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On each frame the "paint" swatch is rendered to a smaller canvas, then additively sampled onto the larger canvas at the "brush" head.

Paths are smooted using cardinal splines ➰

The angle between points drives both the paint and brush rotation

Ever hear of the Three-Pirate Rule?

“if three ‘pirates’ agree something is worth doing, and it is within the principles of the organization, they do not need to ask permission to act.”

It’s about a bias to action in small groups within organizations, from the Pirate Party.

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