A blossom filled evening walk. Blossom lined streets, a glorious giant pink blossom tree, and what I think are crab apple blossoms.

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40 minutes until , come join and hear about what we're building and see some code samples and demos of new platform features lu.ma/vz6pmmq3

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everytime you try and go on a website

I gave a talk back in Oct 2019 about licensing evolution.

A good time to reflect about what you want from your software and your licenses. noti.st/bmann/aOkl8w/open-sour

Yesterday was spent on the North Shore. @rachaelashe has work in the art for kids show at Seymour Gallery in Deep Cove.

Then walked the Spirit Trail along the waterfront east to Cap Mall. A bit of sun sparkle & the view over to downtown Vancouver & port.

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what the fuck

A walk to Prototype Coffee. They sell colourful potions & waffles, plus have a mirrored moss portal at their entrance.

North: up Howe Sound towards Squamish

South: Passage Island, out of Howe Sound, across Burrard Inlet, UBC in the distance

West: Bowen Island, Snug Cove and Deep Bay, a short 20 minute ferry ride.

Very interested in @resonatecoop’s work around Verifiable Credentials.

VCs are a DID linked “proof”, and they have a demo including a Discourse plugin to grant access to a private group. Image from technical overview flyer. credentials.resonate.is/

Detail of @timbertrain Depot hand made coffe cups, and crocuses blooming in the park. Sunshine time ☀️

My local park was gloriously sun-drenched today. The sun was warm on my face and my skin was just drinking it in.

I sat on a bench & ate some lunch, and walked some laps listening to music after 5 hours of calls.

Round two in the evening, with an energizing talk. Thanks Elty.

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cc @flancian — maybe we don’t have to come up with our own Stoas and Squads and learn some terminology from elsewhere
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Fascinating site on practical methods for social convening, composing individuals into dyads into “crews” into “congregations”. Mostly it suggests how deep the “skill tree” can be for something seemingly so “innate” as social convening. (via @tayroga)


Went for a walk along the Fraser and ended up over at the River District.

We biked there to see the murals as they were being painted way back in August.

Mural artist Fernanda Ribeiro, IG:littelost_fe

After getting @mamrotynka to go to Pacific Bread Company, we went to for a walk today and stopped at the yarn store and the Polish deli, Polonia. allthebest.recipes/t/polonia-s

I was surprised to see QR codes in the latest edition of Cook’s Illustrated.

It works pretty well, where this Armenian Vospov kofte recipe leads to a video of how to make it. cooksillustrated.com/videos/46

The Pacific Bread Company has a delicious selection of pastries as always, and that’s without taking a picture of the other case filled with cakes and colourful macaroons.

A walk around the neighbourhood after too much time indoors. It was a nice evening, I got to pet a dog, and the sunset light was lovely.

The rain and cloud have moved in today on Bowen.

Plus, an incredible selection of fresh pastries & sandwiches at Artisan Eats.

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