When I post on [[twitter]] instead of [[mastodon]], I miss 'delete and re-draft' a lot. I'm going to start using [[mastodon]] to post more often, as the end result looks the same as moa.party cross-posts.

@flancian is there any way to get this working on Pleroma?
@poly @flancian if you use Husky it's built into the app for pleroma!
@eris @flancian just one app won't work for the way i do stuff, unfortunately. i want to be able to post on twitter from my phone, the web app or tweetdeck and have it mirror here. unless i'm misunderstanding

@poly @eris

Yes, [[moa]] does exactly this. You can post in whichever network and it cross-posts to the other with pretty good fidelity. It doesn't matter which client you use.


@flancian @eris said my server doesn't support it when i tried. this is a brand new server i just made for myself tho so i still need to learn how to config and maintain it

@poly @eris ooh, inteesting! That's cultic.xyz? I can take a look and see if I figure out how to support it; we just took on maintenance of it with the [[fedstoa]].


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