@jeff hey 👋

You’re running your own, again / still? What’s your setup?

@bmann What brought you back here? Still primarily out of micro.blog?


@jeff the concept of collective ownership / maintenance.

Nothing wrong with “multi user” systems, but we have to clearly understand that it costs people time and some server resources to run things.

I’m working on a model of awareness that people should pay for apps — that behind that app are real people, not just corporations.

“Exit to community” is a related theme. Plus governance, etc etc

@bmann The concept of a personal identity feed via a great app is a fantastic one, and the challenge is in the persistence of that data, which ultimately pulls you back to a a server and time. Apps can be subscribed to, though, and the value still shines through the app and the context that it could bring people. This is exciting.

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