@jeff hey 👋

You’re running your own, again / still? What’s your setup?

@bmann Hola Boris! Yes, I usually install the latest during my holiday break to see how things are shaping up. I am going to keep it around this time. Running on an Ubuntu VM in Azure. Still no love for the LAMP stack (well, nginx), but it works fine and setup has been simplified a bit. Trump's banning from social platforms, while a good thing, is a perfect reminder of the importance of owning our content. Any FB cross-posting recommendations beyond IFTTT?

@jeff interesting!

Yeah I couldn’t justify the time or expense of running an entire multi user instance for just me.

I have seen an uptick in people exploring Mastodon.

I have basically abandoned FB at this point.

I am cross posting from Micro-dot-blog to here and Twitter, although Mb actually gives you an ActivityPub endpoint for your blog.

That’s next for me: experimenting with ActivityPub emitting directly in a simpler app.

@bmann What brought you back here? Still primarily out of

@jeff the concept of collective ownership / maintenance.

Nothing wrong with “multi user” systems, but we have to clearly understand that it costs people time and some server resources to run things.

I’m working on a model of awareness that people should pay for apps — that behind that app are real people, not just corporations.

“Exit to community” is a related theme. Plus governance, etc etc

@bmann The concept of a personal identity feed via a great app is a fantastic one, and the challenge is in the persistence of that data, which ultimately pulls you back to a a server and time. Apps can be subscribed to, though, and the value still shines through the app and the context that it could bring people. This is exciting.

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