@bmann @neauoire Yes! They weren't on the fediverse yet so I should have just tagged Boris.


@rosano @neauoire any suggestions on what to do about a “company” account?

I can watch for mentions & respond, more like what server should I use that I can support? Don’t know that social.coop makes sense for this.

@bmann @rosano From my experience, at best brand/company accounts don't fair too well on the fediverse, at worse they make things worse.

Keep it personal :)

@neauoire @rosano yeah it would mostly be a bot account since I’m the only one pushing buttons on social at this point ;)

I totally get @rosano’s point about wanting to @-mention an entity. I have that same semantic tendency ;)

Will leave as is for now. And feel free to tag me on Fission related stuff.

@bmann @neauoire Sure. I would just say that if you can move your account easily later, it might not matter where you start.

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