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Today it struck me how people see #facebook as some public good. The company for sure is trying to build this image of "facebook connects people" and "makes the world a better place", but it surprises me how the average people don't see facebook as the shady data-leaking irresponsible anticompetitive and exploitative mega-corporation it really is. They think it's the "necessary bad".

#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

USB was created to stop manufacturers from continuously coming up with new proprietary connectors for peripherals.

After repeatedly changing the shape of USB ports for 15 years the companies will now use DRM to lock each other out


Imo, one of the most damning aspects of capitalism is that it encourages people to have consumptive hobbies over creative ones.

It actively seeks to bar people from doing things like cooking, or writing, or making pottery, or anything else of that nature. Activities in which you are making something

Things like that are made either too expensive (in terms of money, or time, or both) or framed as something not worth wasting time on, because you can't support yourself doing art/writing/etc


I wish I understood how and when the word "agenda" became a slur in politics. Isn't having an agenda kind of the *point*? To change the world in accordance with a vision?

"I don't trust this artistic movement, something about them makes me feel they have a *manifesto*."

"This corporation seems really creepy, it smells of *mission statement*."

"I tell you, the conspiracy is everywhere. Even my residents association, the way they act, I swear they have an *articles of incorporation*."

I'm just highlighting a few notes...

Just so I remember who the adversary is.


- More Australia-type encryption bans
- "Encryption licenses" issued by the government with a big fee. Cronies are officially permitted to encrypt. Everyone else, no so much or only using backdoored algorithms.
- Banning running a website or blog without a license from the government. "Regulation of digital publications act". This kind of thing already happens in some places.
- Digital Public Act. All public services are provided through Facebook, leveraging their "real identity" enforcement. No access to services without a Facebook account. "The private sector can regulate identity better than government".
- The national internet. Adoption of the Iranian model for internet architecture. Appointment of a "supreme council of cyberspace". Avoids "foreign influence/interference".
- Continuing bans on adult content, especially including anything LGBTQ related.
- Cashless society maybe, but with exemptions for state officials who can continue to receive mysterious suitcases packed with dollar bills.

Predictions for the next thing the government is going to shove down our throats without even pretending to democracy? Cashless society perhaps?

@clacke @alcinnz @Shamar @scolobb @strypey @pootz @z428 @Purism @aral @ente More concerning than morals (which we at least have language for discussing) is the subtle influence in terms of who-is-this-for & who-is-this-good-for. A morally-sound business is still a business, and has business-oriented needs and priorities that individuals do not have. And, any business is liable to be more powerful than any individual (modulo outliers like Bill Gates).

It pleases me to see more Windows 10 hate in my home stream.

The reason people use it is largely because of inertia. People usually switch if Microsoft annoys them enough or the computer they use has something else pre-installed to begin with.

What keeps people shackled are key applications not being cross-platform or browser-based yet.

We need a reality TV series called The US Doesn't Understand the Political Spectrum

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I've said it before, but if we could run modern browsers (which have developed optimizations to make slow sites faster) on the web of 2010, that baby would *scream*. The web is not living up to its true potential.

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Remember when you saw those sinister ads in Minority Report and you were like lol that’s so far away

@masklayer reddit and imgur do this shit too and it's insane. somebody had to make an entire mobile browsing experience that constantly begs you to stop using it

What if the response to tumblr being banned from the app store was tumblr making its mobile web version usable instead of being shit and literally insulting you for trying to like a post

Capitalism hot take 

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