Interesting article discussing lockin and Amazon "cloud" by somebody who works on it:

Could be create something for cooperatives using Fedi instead of a huge cloud and any co-op could federate with and coordinate their activities with other fedi co-ops?

No lockin, pick from several ActivityPub apps or roll your own.

Why not?

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi It would be interesting to know what the IT challenges are for coops. But so far, all I see is hosting coops who try to use existing bloatware. They pay commercial datacenters instead working with broadband coops. Perhaps I'm missing something, but there do not seem to be dev coops, because if there were any, they would be the place to coordindate this. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Several dev co-ops exist, at least a few have Fedi accounts. I hesitate to name any for fear of missing somebody, but if they notice this, maybe they will raise their hand?
But yes, those would be good places to coordinate, or a new dev co-op, maybe a multi-stakeholder incljuding the devs and the user co-ops and the individual users and maybe some of the existing dev co-ops.


@bhaugen @organizingInFedi I'd still like to know, because then the question would be if dev coops would be willing to develop *for coops* ?

> the question would be if dev coops would be willing to develop *for coops* ?

It would certainly be in keeping with co-op principles. I was investigating how to catalyse this a few years back. The usual problem of funding is solved if co-ops are willing to pay (and ideally share) development costs for software they want. The challenge seems to be one of coordination. Getting clarification of needs, funds, and dev capacity, to all line up.

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi

@gert One relevant case study, although they're not co-ops as such, is community currencies. In theory, LET'S and timebank groups around the world could share the cost of developing a software platform. This could be combined with a hosting service, or a cluster of them. @matslats 's work on communityforge.net is an example.

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi @mike_hales


> it seems a primitive place to start if you wanted to do richer activities like kanban,

Did you know that Bonfire had created a Kanban extension? (And also offers and requests?)

I've seen demos of both, but I don't know if they are still up and running.
@bonfire should know...

@strypey @gert @organizingInFedi @mike_hales

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