Calling anybody with experience with creating international multi-stakeholder cooperatives:

We're thinking about that form of org for which is now being worked on, used by, and implemented by groups in the US and several European nations as of now. Some Canadians were involved earlier and might return. People in other parts of North and South America and Africa have connected a bit.

So how do we do something like that?

What are the hurdles? Who are good advisors?

@bhaugen I read this article today about governing software project, hope it may help the discussion - imo it contains great insights


To expand on the idea a bit, we now have no formal organization beyond a website and some gitlab repos.

The vocabulary is being improved by @lynnfoster and me and other people working through use cases with user and implementer groups, and in some cases, by collaborations with other vocabulary maintainers (eg ).



So we think all of those people, spread out across most of the continents on the planet, are stakeholders and should have a say in the evolution of the vocabulary.

We try to make that happen informally, and will continue to do so.

And if any formalization happens, all of those people will be involved in the conversation and decisions.

@lynnfoster @bernini

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