The patterns of commoning in Free, Fair and Alive are lovely.

Some favourites:

– Ritualize Togetherness
– Contribute Freely
– Share Knowledge Generously
– Use Convivial Tools
– Rely on Distributed Structures
– Creatively Adapt and Renew

There’s plenty more.

Thanks, yes. Silke had material in German that I was (am) unable to directly use. And some of her wiki pages seem now to not work properly, or be missing - don't understand this.

However - I now have a connection witb the Commons Insitiute (based in Germany and German language initiatives) that I didn't previously have.

Death moves in mysterious ways to promote continuing life? Thank you Silke
@yala @neil

@mike_hales For the missing contents, I can tell that many in the Make Commoning Work (working title of the 2nd book "Patterns of Commoning" were proto-patterns and not recorded up until the end. Why the PL had been reconstructed from those for book 3.

@bhaugen @neil

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