The only downside of a fully static site as a blog is not being able to make it a first-class citizen on fedi.

I kinda feel there has to be a way, without running a full-blown fedi instance just for that though. But I don't have the time to see if I can figure out how to abuse ActivityPub this way. 🤔


Well, maybe got you wrong but I don't know what you mean by “full-blown fedi instance” …
The idea of ActivityPub is that you can have only 1 server (“instance”) where you can post to with multiple clients.
Please don't be misled by mastodon just cause they do not support the Client2Server API part … In the meetings we had various nice demos with different clients posting to different servers.


Who's doing a nice demo with the AP C2S part these days? I keep seeing people claim nobody uses it and would like to have at least one or two counter-examples to point to.

@rysiek @Argus

@bhaugen @rysiek @Argus

Well, we even had a Social CG meeting where rhiaro client (sloph) posted to grishka server (smithereen) …
The minutes are here

Last demo I've seen was at Moers Hackathon 2 weeks ago with a mobile photo client to pleroma (enriched with a nice link which also showed a nice map ;) but we didn't record.

“people claim nobody uses” -
yeah, I've read it in the internets too :)
Pleroma is using C2S.

redaktor is using C2S – and I am currently working 10 hours/day for the client and committing per widget
For Android there is

At least not “nobody” …

If I would ever had get funding for the 8 people team anything would be ready now. I would never had to do anything closed-source then …
If there would be any funding for diverse clients, they would be there.

@bhaugen @rysiek @Argus

Thank you.

My personal 2 cents impression:
If we wanna be an elephant we would claim nobody is using C2S.
But if we want a diverse, encouraging, participating community, we should talk about C2S and how to improve it …


After my reply (to late), I might have stumbled about the announcement you were referring to. It was a frustrating bummer.

Do not understand the criticism.
We have tackled point 2 of the announcement
[pleroma, redaktor, AndStatus and personal (indie) clients use C2S]

Then: Point 3 (webfinger) is clearly not a fault of ActivityPub but mastodon.

So, about Point 1
“Using JSON-LD as an RDF serialization is very complicated. It requires the usage of algorithms (e.g. the Expansion Algorithm or the Framing Algorithm) that are incomprehensible and just pure madness”

Indeed, we did not write usage of it by ourselves.
It is 1 of the few dependencies written by people we know. Here we use
and it is 1-5 lines to expand, frame or compact and feels easy …

What can we do to improve the C2S situation???
Personally would be keen to demo 1 widget/component each 2 weeks and show how it would interact C2S, how to theme or render statically etc.
We should get C2S people together.

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