@humanetech @alcinnz having a hard time finding words but i continue to rank the idea of "intent" as extremely important/core in information systems & society. hypothesis's/plans giving way to evidence/actualization.

mark burgess's "promise theory" is all about intent / fulfillment.

i also just think of the movie Pi. 4:20, restate my intents.

@humanetech @alcinnz i think it's so elevated for people to be able to properly write down intents/desires.

long dug Doc Searls & these ideas of vendor-relationship-management, of users being the ones needing tools, to interact with vendors, not the other way around. that's the real seat of power, the real extension/actualization of human will. good links all. thanks.

@jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz

Thanks for your ref to Burgess! The intentcasting thing reminded me of an initiative I was discussing some time ago with its creator (and for application on the fedi).


Esp. the Problem side has an interesting description of aggregators, while the Solution side isn't there yet or impractible as described there.

@humanetech @jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz we’re building a tool that helps people manage relationships in line with what Doc described. We’re talking to vendors because “intentcasting” is a two-sided problem. I’m not very optimistic there. Even though we’re working with open schemas, vendors have to go through a lot of pain to adopt a solution that essentially de-leverages their position. Adoption by small/medium business is hard because tech resources are scarce.

@jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz we need a perfect tech-savvy business vertical with enough small/medium businesses that see opportunity to disrupt the market power held by dominant brands. They might gamble on adopting this intentcasting early.

The truth is Doc’s ideas have been around for 15 years. Even on ProjectVRM’s wiki in don’t see a project that has taken a real run at building a solution for both sides.

These opportunity bots are cool though, @humanetech.

@schmudde @jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz

Oh, hugely interested. Do you have some material to read more?

Isn't the deleveraging similar to what vendors have to 'give up' when they engage in ethical advertising, like #ReadTheDocs do? I.e. give up on some data collection and targeting. See:


It is often those old ideas that are still valid, but were 'disrupted' before because there was more profit in pushed ads.

SMB's are good audience, and local scales to bootstrap.

@humanetech @jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz Doc’s 2012 book lays it all out: openlibrary.org/books/OL251630.

Large businesses essentially give up their captive audience in exchange for higher quality data. Doc argues that this is more valuable. But there isn’t any empirical evidence. I think this is different than the Ethical Advertising argument made in the thread you shared.

@humanetech @jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz So we’re a registered Public Benefit Corporation (yorba.co). We’d love to work with the myriad of likeminded SMBs that are also registered as PBCs. But they need *a lot* of education and technical help. I can imagine a vertical like allocating server resources as a better place to start. They can’t compete with AWS on raw compute, but they could respond to individual intentions cast. Then go from there.

@schmudde @jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz

It's a great mission, huge scope. We don't have PCB's like that in Netherlands. Though we have #PostGrowth ventures like RadicallyOpenSecurity.com where all revenue goes to #NonProfits, in this case #NLnet.

You may like what @m3me is working on with tethix.co a cooperative dedicated to education, and esp. 'Applied #Ethics' to verifiably prove that a business adheres to its stated values and principles, hence warrants ones #Trust.

Nice book!


@humanetech @schmudde @jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz @m3me

bonfirenetworks.org/extensions has Intents up and running in their ActivityPub implementation.

There's also researchstudio-sat.github.io/w which uses the same vocabulary as Bonfire and may at some stage be able to share intents.

@bhaugen Thanks for pointing me towards @bonfire. I'm always looking for more implementations of casting intention. Also happy to be an early adopter!

@schmudde @bhaugen @bonfire

Yes, #bonfire is hugely inspiring in the way it is set up and operates.

Though I find there's gains to be made still in community-building and documentation, but maybe I missed obvious places where these exist.

@schmudde @bhaugen @bonfire

hey, @humanetech we're working on adding docs and open the doors to more co-design and feedback sessions with communities, do you think there's some content/materials that would help more than other and we should prioritize?


Great to hear, Ivan! I'd be happy to provide feedback and my 2 cts on anything related to this.

Maybe a good place to start might be the #Bonfire category on #SocialHub community forum that is thus far unused. Would be a great way to get other fedi devs in the loop, while discussing how to organize.


Another place may be #Lemmy in #FediverseFutures: lemmy.ml/c/fediversefutures

And I'll help spread msgs on #Fediverse 🤗

@schmudde @bhaugen @bonfire

@humanetech @bernini @schmudde @bhaugen
Thanks a lot! Ill collect some materials worth to share and publish over the next week on socialhub and continue from there :)

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