ok mastodon, is there a notion of "rooms" here? keyword, namespace, or invite only standing group conversations? or can someone give me an idea of how that would work in AP? would like to start feeling out places to contribute❤️

@jonny No.

Guppe is the closest thing to a conference, though it's all public.

DMs with long member lists will go to everyone named. That's kludgey, but about the closest to a private list you'll find on the Fediverse presently.

If you want to get a room, you'll need to use a service offering that. Email lists, group forums, and the like.

(You should know the commercial offerings. I can't say I know any FS/federated options offhand.)



Guppe has been down.

As I mentioned to @jonny , I have been experimenting with the group service created by @piggo - see @organizingInFedi or git.ondrovo.com/MightyPork/gro

Works something like Guppe, but has more capabilities, listed on that page.

Not private, not the same as a room.

How do you think a room might work in fedi? What could the UI/UX be like?

bonfirenetworks.org/extensions is working on some features that might help, like bonfirenetworks.org/extensions

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