hi! I just joined social.coop. looking forward to meeting you all. things I like: learning (in general), science, Haskell, Rust, math, being outdoors, cooperative economics, the commons. I've primarily worked as a Haskell programmer. I'm now building infrastructure for reputation economics on Holochain, which we hope can facilitate specific, sovereign cultural articulation in communities. for me, this is a step along the way to a more cooperative economics

while I am at it: right now I'm quite interested in Dmytri Kleiner's concept of the Venture Commune (wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Venture) as a way to federate cooperative enterprises and create a membrane for "alternative economics", where different forms of valuation can take place. @bhaugen turned me on to the concept of Solawi, which I'm chasing down. if anyone is interested in such things, would love to hear from you.

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Interested -- I think we need a food systems convo space, either by tagging posts and creating a list in Mastodon, or on Matrix/Element...

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@Matt_Noyes maybe a "mini conference" on the topic of co-op/open source/software food systems? Present our projects for 5 mins each, then facilitated chat?

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medium.com/@myriamboure/common has been holding a bunch of food system ontology conversations including @lynnfoster (to mention a couple of people who could be interested).

I found somebody in the fediverse who might be Myriam, and will ask.

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@bhaugen @lynnfoster @mhueschen @nicksellen @Jeff_Piestrak @emi @appleseed @jgaehring @ofnusa Jeff Piestrak and Laurie Wayne have brought some folks together too, including Jamie, me, and @michaelafisher Sounds like there is some swirling matter that might come together...

I'm always up for chat. Been making lame attempts to set up something here in the UK.

As you are aware @yova has been working with solawis

On matrix theres :matrix.org
Although theres not been much activity in either for a while.

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Yeah, would be good to have @yova in any such conversation.

We have experience with CSAs and food networks and food hubs, but Solawis are on another level and Solawi-inspired community cooperative-commons economies are a step or three above.

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