Our end plan in the #OMN is that all the content is redundantly stored in the network in a #KISS way, so traditional backup is less important -when it goes wrong, and it will sometimes as we are home hosting. Just boot up a new noid put your hashtags and user info in and all your content will be sucked back in a #lossy good anufe way. This makes home hosting work well enough to scale outward to build a #openweb


That's how scuttlebutt.nz/ works. All your data lives on your computer but replicated by your gossip friends.

My computer crashed beyond repair and when I got a replacement, I got all my SSB data back from my friends. I did need to have saved my SSB identity, but I had done that.

Pretty geeky otherwise, but you might want to look at the gossip protocol.

@bhaugen yep we have a plan to do it very "stupid" #KISS useing existing #4opens tools.

it's core to the #OMN project - all our current messing about with servers is a step.

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