I have failed so far in my quest for a replacement for google docs.

I need both comments and images.

I've tried Disroot pads and Framapads. Framapads have nice comments but do not display images. Disroot pads display images but their comments don't work according to the Etherpad comment specs. And just today, my disroot pad in progress scrambled its contents. (Fortunately I have backups).

Anybody got any better suggestions?


We're using @cryptpad and like it. They got comments on their roadmap, but I haven't seen them yet. When they get comments, they will be perfect.

@bhaugen @Steinar Hello, comments are available for Rich Text documents on cryptpad.fr or any instance running at least version 3.17

See our documentation for more information: docs.cryptpad.fr/en/user_guide


THank you! Crypt pad now has all the features we need to get out of google docs forever!


@bhaugen @cryptpad @Steinar
I'd be more favorably impressed if the site didn't use downloadable fonts

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