Anybody know any wiki software that can federate besides FedWiki?
(which is brilliant but bewilders many people. I'm asking about something that offers topic and sub-topic navigation like a typical wiki, but where an instance created by one community can federate with instances created by other communities.

@bhaugen I am not totally sure about that, but I believe I read about a Tiddlywiki plugin that can federate.

Thanks, I am finding some chatter and maybe even a plugin...

@bhaugen depends what you mean by "federate". MediaWiki supports inter-wiki links and there's probably a plugin that makes it output ActivityStreams.

Thanks a lot, found this and a bunch of other info:

That would be better that federated tiddly wikis, much as I love and use tiddly myself...

That's a question worth asking in the fedwiki Element chat?

I guess you consulted Comparison of wiki software
No mention there of federation, AFAIK

The question was coming from the DisCOs. After looking around, I advised them to talk to you to help them figure out how FedWiki could be used to work for them.

Got time to help them?

Re federation, TiddlyWiki is chatting about it and maybe doing something, but it will more alien from wiki expectations than FedWiki.

Yes I'm happy to be in contact about this. Although I think the answer is . . there are no 'conventional' wikis (which operate like Mediawiki or Docuwiki, say) that federate.

Tiddlywiki is cute and principled, but AFAIK not up to the kind of usage that would be expected with Mediawiki or Docuwiki. Few functions.

As you know fedwiki is another kettle of fish. But could explore whether what it does is soemthing DisCO needs to do?

I also got a response from the XWiki guy in the fediverse who says they have federation in their near-term roadmap.
The DisCOs are looking into it.
They also make Cryptpad which Lynn and I use a lot.

@bhaugen I'm really intrigued what it means for a wiki to federate. Never fully grokked it with FedWiki yet.

Is a way to join together a bunch of pages maintained by separate individuals/instances... so each instance is the 'owner' of some pages, and the federation means the pages slot together somehow?

If it's a way of collaboratively editing the same content, is it like a git fork and merge but for content? Do you ever have a canonical copy?

Would love to learn more.

@neil @bhaugen I haven't looked at fedwiki in a while, but the model I got in my head from it is kinda fork-like at a page (or para) level, canon is always local but i can consider merges. Global namespace, incorporate other's pages by link and then can fork them with local incremental edits. It seems a useful model for distributed knowledge graph (building on others subgraphs), as shards of a global graph, than most reasons we make "a wiki" for x today. And the meta side was v rough.

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