mutual aid networks, covid-19, face masks 

We joined a local mutual aid network for our precinct. @mlemweb is making masks to give away

... which are modified from our friend Dan's (CC BY!) design to give away to people who need them:

Now may be a good time to set up a mutual aid network. It can be as simple as a mailing list for your neighborhood where people post what they [HAVE] vs what they [NEED] and help each other out.

mutual aid networks, covid-19, face masks 

There are more advanced approaches to mutual aid networks and I know @bhaugen and friends are working on


mutual aid networks, covid-19, face masks 

Thanks for the mention, @cwebber is the on-the-groung mutual aid org that we know the most about, but I also know lots of others exist. Mutual aid is an idea whose time has come.

ActivityPub connections in the next message...

mutual aid networks, covid-19, face masks 


ActivityPub-Mutual Aid connections:

@lynnfoster @mayel @ivan and maybe some other people are working with on something that will be based on ActivityPub.

In the meantime, @sl007 has already up and running which this blog post says is also based on ActivityPub, and we are also looking at that.

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