I probably shouldn't edit it because of Wikipedia's policy, but maybe we should get en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activity updated with all known implementations

Some ActivityPub implementations I know of not yet listed on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activity

Aardwolf, Bridgy Fed, distbin.com, dokieli, Kroeg, Nextcloud,
places.pub, Pubstrate, Smilodon, tags.pub, Pleroma, Rustodon,


I've been looking at activitypub.rocks/implementati - some you mentioned are not there, either. Will look the others up.


One of your friends here in Mastadon posted this tidbit in Scuttlebutt that probably originated here and so I am reposting it:
> What I've gotten from discussions with cwebber is that you really can't go with pure ActivityPub all the way down to database storage unless you are willing to use a NoSQL database that is natively JSON, or use PostgreSQL jsonb columns. We're doing the latter, but treating it as a backup for future migrations, and for when we need to do JSON-LD signatures.

@bhaugen there's a lot to unpack and discuss there and eventually I need to write up a detailed post about this but I can't reply right now (deadlines)

No rush on my account. I try never to be in a hurry anymore...

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