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There’s a proposal that Russian priests should *stop* blessing nukes 🙏🚀💥

Only three private health funds will be viable in two years, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority may force underperforming funds to merge in industry ‘death spiral’ And this is with an elaborate system of incentives, subsidies and compulsions

University of Newcastle to track students’, who are adults paying thousands of dollars to be there, attendance using an app and phone location data

Australian politics, amongst the worst there is 

In China they’re using drones to take the temperatures of people in isolation/do elaborate Matrix cosplay. Meanwhile in Australia, we’re still forced to “contact” “schoolbooks”. Not the future I imagined.

Effectiveness of travel restrictions in the rapid containment of human influenza: a systematic review

@kypros1992 hey what are they doing with the Carlingford line corridor? It’s been ripped up incredibly quickly.

US President Donald Trump has lifted restrictions on the deployment of anti-personnel landmines by American forces

It makes sense that we should shut up and learn from the First Nations who’ve already experienced far-reaching, devastating, existential loss and who’ve managed to maintain their culture and strength.

I think I’ve been experiencing my own, very minor, version of this over summer. Living through the smoke, heatwaves, being on Kangaroo Island for the fires, seeing the devastation in Southern NSW. The world I knew no longer exists.

Saw someone scolding others for posting a photo of an animal without a content warning and, to be honest, I was a bit shocked when I realised it was on Twitter and not Mastodon.

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