UBI = Universal Boomer Income 

@kypros1992@aus.social @liamvhogan Matt, another one gone too soon

@liamvhogan dropped by to make sure you’re across this – of course you are.

Antidepressants or Tolkien character? antidepressantsortolkien.now.s More difficult than I’d have guessed.

WHO webinar on COVID-19 and the health of seafarers who.zoom.us/webinar/register/W a significant issue for international transmission of the virus, but also for the 150,000 seafarers who are directly affected.

@mil mine expired for a while a couple of years ago. In Australia as long as it’s been expired for a specified period (check) you can still do a renewal rather than applying from scratch, which is much easier.

@kypros1992@aus.social Martin Place revitalisation

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