@liamvhogan I was clearing photos bludge and came across this timeless screencap

@liamvhogan you can’t take me down the raccoon hole with you

Friends, if you find I’ve unfollowed you on here please don’t take it too personally. It’s fine if you need to describe your emotions and personal travails here, but please understand if I need to limit my exposure to it.

The agony of weekend loneliness: ‘I won't speak to another human until Monday’ theguardian.com/society/2020/j We can’t let our work isolate us like this. We all need human connections, interests and passions outside work.

@Kels_316 I think Kate Carruthers would know people here making.unsw.edu.au/mcic/ They'd have equipment and a workforce that could be tapped to start working at scale?

@better ah, got it, excellent. Just bought the app by he way, been meaning to for a while.

Loved this episode of the always excellent Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast on the Seinfeld theme pca.st/220z4jls Probably the podcast that’s making the best use of the medium right now

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