i really didn’t expect much but i kinda nailed this photo

Tired: El Jannah in Newtown

Wired: Hawa’s is better, if you’re in Granville

Inspired: Frangos

@virtualwolf @liamvhogan us real galaxy brains know that mechanically reclaimed meat products are the best

Pretty big crowds at the School Strike for Climate in Sydney. I’m not good at estimating crowds but I must have been at least 70,000 people, and probably quite a lot more than that.

@pelagikat that’s a great descriptor. I’m involved with some climate science stuff very peripherally and there does seem to be a slightly odd fascination with more precise models, when what we have tells us more than enough already.

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I know Esperanto is fraught with all the problems of conlangs, but I kind of dig it. It seems more readily comprehensible to me than even deliberately simple languages like Toki Pona.

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