Do I want to get up at 5am on Sunday to watch Shaolin vs Wu Tang with commentary from RZA? Probably not, but almost

Spare a thought for the 150,000 seafarers going from port to port, unloading at docks that are open for cargo but closed to them – with no return home in sight.

‪With everyone on lockdown, the unicyclists are finally returning. Nature is healing. ‬

Twenty-one thousand university jobs to be lost in the next six months, one third in research, and many of those currently redeployed to investigate COVID-19

Interesting critique of the role of behavioural economics in responding to COVID-19, and of the Behavioural Insights Team and the UK government’s response in particular

Trust in leaders and institutions is difficult to engender in crises alone. Rather damning commentary from Lizzie O’Shea for Digital Rights Watch on the tracking app

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