Friends seems to be a bit unreliable, so I’m thinking of jumping ship. Any recommendations? I’m thinking of, or but I’d welcome ideas or advice.

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@ben_hr aus social seems a pretty agreeable suburb of the new geocities

@ben_hr I've found it to be pretty stable for a long while now. Just hiccups with the cert renewals - last time a couple of days back (letsencrypt certs need renewing every three months). The renewal is automated, but currently the server requires some manual attention to get things running on the new cert.
tech group volunteers have put in great efforts keeping the lights on, but the team is small & its not guaranteed that someone will always be available to… 1/2


…attend to issues instantly.

Theres a number of moves afoot to increase resilience of/attention on the social coop tech infrastructure.

The coop relies on its members to organise and resource everything. We are as strong as the combination of our efforts.

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