Friends, what’s the best federated blogging platform?

Plume and seem to be the main options - is that right? You have a preference?

@ben_hr this is a bit of a cat’s-in-the-cradle-and-the-silver-spoon moment for me to be honest, is a bit emotional

@ben_hr Have to say, I'm with @liamvhogan on this. Only drama I see is that it really only "federates" one way... no commenting etc

@uxintro @liamvhogan that’s why I was curious - using it as a commenting thing instead of WP or *spits* disqus

@liamvhogan @ben_hr I've switched (for some masochistic reason) to hand coding blog pages and the RSS feed to go with it, and I've just made a point of adding my fedi username to the end of each post. Want to comment, do so here!

@liamvhogan @ben_hr @uxintro consider the archival qualities of blog comments relative to social media. They can be a great little snapshot of discourse!

On the other hand, “Open Threads” on blogs were a terrible simulacrum of God’s Preferred Internet Discourse Method - the bulletin board -and are best left in the past.

@ben_hr I was also thinking indieweb stuff, maybe Known?

Or Hubzilla articles can federate via activitypub (not totally sure what the difference is to posts?) they also federate on zot

Finally theres some WordPress addons that provide activitypub support (can comment on the blog post via AP and it shows up on the page)

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