We live in a generally nostalgia-corrupted time but you really have to wonder what Amazon thinks they’re paying for in this case, instead of developing something original

I’m going to write a script set 3,000 years after the events described in Norstrilia.

@ben_hr This sounds like a nightmare to write with all of the estate stipulations — it feels similar in character to when Anne Rice had a meltdown about a building she had mentioned in one of her books being renovated as a restaurant, and not wanting the owner to mention the building was the one from the book

@ben_hr I read the top blurb of this and I'm satisfied

Lol get fukt Amazon

@ben_hr: just the name/brand will drag millions of eyeballs

@Kels_316 @ben_hr mining royalties to outlying dwarf systems are in dispute

@Kels_316 I'm still waiting for the David Simon municipal drama about gangs, corruption, policing, and Cloud City

@liamvhogan: the people doing the in-between movies should really run with this.

@Kels_316 Scorsese movie about a crooked Jedi, you know that'd rule

@Kels_316 Al Pacino and Robert de Niro light sabre fighting. Leonardo di Caprio as a crime boss in blueface. Joe Pesci as an annoying droid.

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