@liamvhogan imagine your light rail trying to get around a roundabout.

By the way, how are you finding things over here? :thonking:

@liamvhogan I’ve decided not to go back. I hope I keep my resolve.

@liamvhogan oh for real? I thought it was a temp ban but looks like it could be longer? I guess jokes are more serious than the rise of actual fascism on their platform. :birdsite:

@liamvhogan @ben_hr what?! what was it that got you banned? filthy grilles?

@BernieTB @ben_hr @liamvhogan iron lacework... for the discerning gentleheritageperson

@BernieTB @koosli @liamvhogan didn’t you get someone suspended off :birdsite: for a similar silly technical breach? Gordy perhaps?

@ben_hr @koosli @liamvhogan Yes.

Gordy RT'd something of mine then got banned, I didn't.

I am banned now though because I refuse to delete a tweet stating that Mark Latham is what you get when your diet subsists solely of Tide Pods.

Apparently I'm encouraging self-harm because the Birdshite wants people eating Tide Pods and turning into Mark Latham.

@koosli @ben_hr @liamvhogan It's easy. Just find the most pro-free-speech person you can and suggest they're an idiot.

@Posty @ben_hr @koosli @liamvhogan The brilliant thing is, I've posted it numerous times from my old account (which I kept because I don't make a habit of deleting things/re-writing history) and that account is still active.

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