What are your suggestions for ways to find new accounts to follow on Mastodon? Now the Bridge has been taken down it’s harder to find people you might already know.

@ben_hr I've mostly been browsing the local timeline on my instance tbh. I've long since given up on most people I knew from Twitter coming here, heh.

@virtualwolf I guess my (possibly failing) instance may be too niche for that 😬

@ben_hr Hahah. Start looking at different ones, perhaps. :D

@ben_hr (But not huge ones like having moved to a smaller instance from that one, I find the small one to be much better in every respect).

@ben_hr @virtualwolf I like clicking random interesting hashtags and seeing who's chatting about them and seems nice.

I have a few accounts on other instances to log into and do this from time to time so I can bring back people to the main.

@mike @ben_hr Yeah that's a good call too. I really like @tootapp's ability to add servers that you're not logged into and just browsing the local timeline there.

@claudiuscluever Mastodon Bridge used to be a site that let you find people with twitter accounts on here, before twitter locked off the API

@ben_hr eavesdropping because I've been pretty crap at finding new accounts. Follow Fridays are always nice I suppose.

@ben_hr hashtags can be useful, and dipping into the local and federated timelines, depending on your instance

@ben_hr same way I find people elsewhere - go to someone I already follow and check out who they’re following.

@ben_hr I forgot about this the other day - the 'explore' path on an instance - for eg

- gives a list of profiles (of those users who've opted in)

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