Friends, is there a simple way to autopost toots with a specific hashtag to a Wordpress blog? I was thinking of using IFTTT with an RSS to Wordpress thing, but I thought there might be a more elegant solution.

@ben_hr I think @mike was doing something kind of like this (but in reverse) so maybe he can point you at something?

@pelagikat @ben_hr I'm just using someone else's plugins to make Wordpress act as an activitypub server, don't think there's much crossover.

The Mastodon-Twitter crossposter might be a better reference as that can do hashtag-based selections.

@ben_hr there are a few plugins that directly consume RSS feeds to display on a WP site - even the built in widget might do the job

@rocketpilot good advice here mate. Are Atom the only feed that Mastodon accounts publish?

@ben_hr WordPress should be able to consume both but if Feedburner still exists it can create an interstitial RSS feed

@rocketpilot I’ll check it out. All the wordpress plugins that seem to do the job are paid/have to pay ones

@ben_hr built-in RSS widget won't filter by hashtag though. Hmmm

@rocketpilot Yeah, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just surprising as I’m sure others have thought about it

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