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actual bug 

so this slipped out of the frame of my bathroom window sans some legs apparently and i'm never opening that window ever again


something in my bathroom is making spiders faster and smarter: i've had a spider run from me at a freakishly fast speed like human walking speed and had another disappear from my sight the moment i turned and took a few steps out to get something to hit it with

just noticed in firefox that if you enter something with no spaces into the url bar and add / to the end it'll redirect to whatever you typed .com e.g. "example/" goes to but this doesn't work for "google/"

thinking about being stupid

to make the smart choice is to work in accordance with the cultural logics of neoliberal information society, for better or for worse. to make the stupid choice is to... not do that. it's harder to be an idiot than ever, but what are we losing as a result?

mood strangely improved after i accidentally permanently deleted a month and a half of journal entries and assorted notes

think about this essay and how the future ended up going every time i go on a website and it runs like garbage or refuses to work unless i fire up chromium

note: contains the r-word

has there ever been a truer, more intimate glimpse into a person's soul than their downloads folder

laying on my deathbed regretting that i never did get to see an online media criticism piece that doesn't have "the medium is the message" somewhere around the intro

there should be a productivity app that tries to maximize the amount of time you have to screw around instead of help you make the best use of it

me: i should try taking a power nap
*30 minutes of sporadic banging sounds from my neighbour, notification pings from my phone across the room, and food smells wafting into my apartment later*
me: wow, i am quite refreshed



reading blog theory by jodi dean and there's a nice, lengthy smackdown of the "technology will solve everything" mindset

the cut-off part of the first sentence is "Presuming that the work of programmers is"

anyone have a blog? is it worth starting and committing to writing on one?

thinking about lying in bed eating corn flakes from the bag after a long day of HUSTLING, on the GRIND, building my PERSONAL BRAND

fiending on obsessively working out what data structures to use for hours rather than actually making something work and seeing if it's even a good idea

striving every day towards reaching a level of expertise and renown that will let me typeset all my work in comic sans with impunity

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