I'd love a community-driven Twitter replacement, but many fizz out. Mastodon may have hit a userbase tipping point, and I'm curious to see how its social and technological issues and limitations are addressed.

How better to embrace a community platform than by joining and contributing to a co-op instance? Thanks for welcoming me aboard.

I'm interested in most things (inc. ).

@azh Nobody formally for ages, I have to admit. Camus has always been a favourite, but these days I've been most interested in the thoughts of random people online, with new ideas around subjects like gender identity. What are you into at the moment?


@imathew a little while ago i finished reading a collection of essays by vilem flusser which was very nice but i also mostly just read people's blog posts, although i've been trying to struggle through foucault, early zizek and deleuze

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