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joke: bread
broke: rice
woke: shredded cheese

striving every day towards reaching a level of expertise and renown that will let me typeset all my work in comic sans with impunity

decide if you dare Show more

transgressing the boundaries: towards a transformative hermeneutics of sentences with the phrase "and loving it" added to the end

distributed ledgers Show more

brutalist websites which take over 5 seconds to load and make half of my umatrix panel red

this is probably a metaphor for something

attempting to add flair to your cooking then realizing that you've unleashed a runaway chain of emergent detrimental events, all of which intensify the more you attempt to salvage them

from magic wand by thecatamites

yall got any of those esoteric theory memes i can pretend to understand

greetings my dudes i have been booted from facebook after a decade for using a fake name and now i am here. i like going for walks and listening to weird hipster music.