wild to go on mastodon after months of using normal people social media again and be greeted with a content feed that's good instead of mind-numbingly awful

hard to believe but i actually have a justifiable reason to use a bloom filter

had a terrifying moment where i realized my actions directly influenced the decisions of others

crazy how preparing to go to bed makes you stop being tired

going on a long rant on esoteric sociopolitical topics to someone is basically the grown up version of showing other kids on the playground a weird and gross bug you found

might be one of a handful people on earth that still has a copy of the video "Sonic Colours" by danielradcliffe777

started waking up at normal people times and eating 2-3 meals a day instead of being too lazy to eat until 5pm and pretending i'm doing intermittent fasting and it's quite nice

pretty sure the cia heads have just been playing an irl version of garry's mod for over half a century

no idea what i'm trying to do but the same goes for other people i talk to if not more so and that's perversely satisfying enough for me

real change will come from the people out there that let you know your backpack is open

yo wait wtf calm down i didn't mean to do surveillance capitalism on purpose it's just a social experiment bro

explaining socialism using the das kapital manga adaptation as my sole reference material

whoops, just accidentally saved this entire e-textbook to my computer by abusing the chapter printing function instead of paying 90 bucks to keep using it after the 2 week trial period

body horror 

reverse social network where everyone is distributed online but centralized offline as a throbbing mass of flesh, liquids and machinery and the business model is extracting human meat and identities

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