Hi friends, sorry for the nuisance, but I'm moving to @awe@sunbeam.city. Hopefully it'll be my last move, and I hope to see you all on the sunny side. 😊

@eibhear Good question: I think the concept is still young, variable, wide in scope. But there are a few influences for me, one is "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", and the presumed-prelude "Walkaway", by Cory Doctorow. A more recent nonfiction book I enjoyed is "Utopia for Realists". Generally, the idea that between reducing our lifestyles a little and better distributing resources, we might eliminate poverty for all, and stop focusing our lives on working to survive.

@dajbelshaw agreed, we can work towards a better definition (alt-right, neo-fascists, white supremacists etc...) but the essence stays the same: they are violent, despicable people who don't deserve a place on any self-respecting social platform.

Murray Bookchin would never condone Google.

So it strikes me as though it'd be pretty rad if loomio had a mastodon integration. boost to vote with toots 🐘☑️

"Maybe everyday life was the real prison, all along" - Michel Foucault

good news: my girlfriend is really into Stardew Valley
bad news: I might never get my Switch back

mundane life updates (that I’m excited about anyway): I have an apartment in Boston now and a comfy mattress. I need other furniture, but I still feel proud. I guess because this is the first time I’ve felt like my housing is really mine (because it’s unfurnished).

I feel like at some point I should learn to actually microblog actively, but it’s hard to break my habit of posting that sort of content into IRC instead.

You want a diverse community? You want to be inclusive? Then you have to stand up for people that are the targets of hate and harassment. And you have to be decisive.

People aren't going to trust you just because you say you want it. You have to show people you are willing to mix it up for their safety. You have to show you are willing pull the trigger and simply not allow the people in your community to be subject to endless harassment.

You have to _prove you're worth their trust_

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I have personally promised people that social.coop will never tolerate Nazis and TERFs, that we will sort this immediately, and we will get on with longer term problems afterwards. Hope I'm not disappointed too.

co-operatives, rant, philosophy, input welcome 

My thoughts:

Co-ops are meant to be a means for working class people to regain some common space/resources in the face of a brutal capitalist system that disposes us.

I'm not here to endlessly debate menial technocratic details. A co-op is about standing in solidarity with your fellow community members. I want to know comrades have my back.

Thesis: Matter

Antithesis: Antimatter

Synthesis: Doesn'tmatter


When I was working on stuff that people in my area didn’t really think about, it was fun, but I felt unmotivated because it didn’t matter.

Now working on stuff that people are really excited about, I feel stressed because what if it’s too hard for me and everyone notices.

Grass is always greener or something? 🙃

Just saw a Bitcoin-themed mastodon instance wander across my timeline and wow I sure wish I, personally, could block an entire domain without having to have my entire domain block theirs :/

I don’t necessarily feel super driven to toot about programming languages stuff all the time, but if anybody has questions about PL research, formal semantics, type theory, ML languages (including Rust), academic computer science, etc., I’ll always try to do my best to answer them. 😊

Google Chrome is a badly designed, dangerous and buggy operating system that pushes software developers further a way from their own hardware and up into the application-layer walled garden that Google has created with its languages, libraries, and services. it ignores decades of best practices derived from solid research and development efforts, and, via Google's strong influence over the IETF and w3c, it threatens to gut the internet at its base level.

Hey the City of London is doing this survey asking people whether they think trans people should have basic human rights. If you can please fill it out because TERFs are trying to use it against us:

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I think #mastodon growing so quickly may have held back the #fediverse. It's considered a de facto reference implementation for #activitypub, but it's a limited implementation. It doesn't support most Actor and Object types, it's client and server are tightly coupled, and it was designed specifically for microblogging. ActivityPub was an afterthought for it and it doesn't use it anywhere near its full potential.

Now every new AP project is following suit, developing a client/sever combination specifically to handle a single Object type, any enabling federation support on a project by project basis. We need a full AP server that's not tied to a specific client. It should support AP C2S API so a user can login to any client using oauth and handle different types. A user could use one client to create events, one to manage photos, and another to write notes or articles, and they'd all be tied to the same account.

Hopefully, people will get past thinking of Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed, etc and just think of the ActivityPub network. I don't think the fediverse will continue to grow without this change in philosophy.
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