Mentre il tormentone della crisi di governo prefigura una musica ancora peggiore, inediti scioperi estivi nei trasporti portano un po’ di fresco, indicando da dove può sorgere l’opposizione alla Lega

@freshbox Maybe not all combined but there are many around the @faircoop market and the movement for instance. I will search for examples though. Take it as a conceptual approach, but perfectly viable.

How to found an informal online with an open :
1️⃣ - Write a constitutive act and notarize it with an open blockchain online (e.g with
2️⃣ - Create a social fund by opening a wallet and transfering an equal share of tokens for each associate
3️⃣ - Open an ecommerce website. Accept cryptocurrency as payment and use it to pay workers as much as you can.

It is near-free and with zero added bureaucracy.

Idea per @autonomicc : piattaforma cooperativa per "cooperative informali" online, con uso di blockchain per notarizzare la costituzione e criptovalute come capitale sociale.
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Smart: Società Mutualistica per artisti, un progetto non profit che offre risposte concrete e solidali ai bisogni professionali di chi lavora per lo spettacolo, il cinema, è artista visivo o freelance.

How platform co-ops can benefit

Through shared platform ownership, democratic governance, and the organizing power of unions, workers can build fairer structures for the future of work.

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La città di Prato da modello produttivo è divenuta negli ultimi mesi laboratorio di repressione sindacale. Ci sono anche vittorie di una classe multietnica tutta ancora da raccontare

Jacobin Italia

For many workers, the force that most actively restricts their liberty is not government regulations but their employer’s rules.

Aggiornato il sito con nuovi servizi digitali per lavoratori autonomi:
- Notarizzazione via blockchain
- Spazio web comunitario

Workers unite online

They're logging on to combat lagging labour laws, costly court proceedings, and outsourcing management, writes Gaia Caramazza

"Another entity which is lagging behind technological developments, is the pivotal organ behind striking: the . "

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