@mike_hales @bhaugen looks more like polemic to me, from the blurb. Of course standards can be misused. That's not an argument, nor is it dialogue, which is what I would appreciate.

I didn't get polemic from some previews, altho the authors did complain a lot. I think standards are necessary but are also ripe for ridicule. But still necessary...

(P.S. I work on standards...)

@bhaugen @mike_hales fair enough Bob! My comments were obviously just a superficial reaction -- would be delighted to be proved wrong!

You were not completely wrong, but the book is more complex than a simple polemic. I saw a lot of complaints and ridicule, but also recognition of why these things exist and have been necessary.
The complaints and ridicule I saw focus on standards that constrain necessary behavior so that people who need to get something done find workarounds.
"I need a phone number or this form will not work."
"Ok, my phone number is 12345."
"Great, that works!"

@bhaugen @mike_hales that's cool, thanks. Personally, I would like a positive inquiry into how standards could be in true service of humanity / the planet. I have ideas, very willing to pool them!

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