Wow. Just wow. Here's a bunch of people doing exactly what the alt-right do; sea-lioning, dogpiling, and moaning about their freeze peach when someone chooses to block their posts from their social media feed. Sorry @wilw, this is just the fediverse's way of letting you know we're not like the birdsite where Nazis harrass people with impunity ... we're it's surreal mirror image, where a loud minority of trans folks and their allies do it :-/

@asimong Earlier today I was writing something to a friend about 'transversal' practice . . over-complex term for difficult kind of action . . and realising how unfamiliar and differently interpreted that term is. And then here in Mastodon, the same issue pops up. Realising that a sphere I look to for lots of insight and guidance - social justice - is suffering that kind of barrier-erecting judgemental PC reverse discrimination, is upsetting. Challenges!

@asimong ... aaaaaand here's a classic example of the problem that article is talking about. It would be an absurd exaggeration to say that the level of self-righteous entitlement this articles reeks of is proto-fascist and dangerous - exactly the same kind of absurd exaggeration as literally *everything* in this article. Bullying people is not activism, and being proud of it is despicable

@strypey interesting indeed. I am persuaded that "feeling safe" is a key issue: I am sure that everyone feeling safe is incompatible with open, exploratory dialogue. If one group is to feel safe, the space needs to be closed and strictly policed in accordance with their needs. But what if they aren't my needs? Then I am excluded...

"If you, in your deep state of sadness and offense, respond to a person with an attack or seek to distract the person from the conversation at hand then you are a troll. People are allowed to disagree with you no matter how sad you become. Again, your sadness is not my problem."

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