@aadilayub that was my reaction too. It's the next logical thing after investor-owned #CoWorking spaces. The situationists call this process 'recuperation', where creative solutions radicals come up with for surviving life in an increasingly privatized environment are themselves privatized, and turned into taps for extracting yet more wealth for the 1%.

@strypey @aadilayub@fosstodon.org let's totally do a version of this!


@aadilayub@fosstodon.org @strypey not meaning to say it's easy, but going through the process of finding other people to fill in expertise gaps, and working out a strategy to actually do it would be really valuable in itself.

@asimong @aadilayub true. I had an interesting chat with Oli from #OpenCoop and Harry from #CoTech that got me thinking about how much of our collective wealth gets extracted through the most old-fashioned rent-seekers; building owners. Imagine if we could pool common wealth to buy buildings, and have a cooperative rent them out at-cost, plus a modest mark-up that contributes to a pool to buy the next building.

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