Hello Mastodon! I'm a techy programmer-type person hoping to help build a better world (direct democracy, solidarity economy, etc.). I also happen to live in a vehicle on wild, public lands, moving every couple weeks, foraging, practicing survival skills and helping people where we can. I know a lot about radio, solar, 12v DC power and nature/wildlife as a result. Nice to meet you all! Hope to see familiar and new faces.


I think I'll be joining your nomadic style soon, and, you have me questioning if I actually know you in real life....

@Greg @arakun living in a 40ft school bus the past two months and subletted my studio for the summer, just moved it onto an abandoned lot next to a friends house. Not having to pay rent sure is great.

@arakun That sounds pretty damn cool. May I ask about your vehicle? I'm interested in what you have and whether you've done any retrofitting on it.

Have a bit of a vested interest in tiny homes and would love to hear about someone who's actually living in something so small. :)

@phryk since I had few choices at the time, I have a pickup and an enclosed cargo trailer that me and my family live in. It's 70 sq ft, but we get along VERY well thankfully. After 2 years living in a very primitive structure, we are outfitting an old 28 ft school bus with enough basics to become the new tow vehicle. Tricky to do in the desert, but we are doing what we can.

@arakun Wow, that's tiny. I'm currently designing a tinyhome that folds open to 350-400 square feet but that's just for myself and still doesn't exactly feel huge.

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