Why are people upset that Gina Haspel was a spook? Isn't the job she is nominated for "spookmaster"? If we don't like creepy, unaccountable black ops, torture and secret prisons, shut down the CIA. No, really, shut it down. There are, what, nine US intel services anyway? Sheesh. Please look up declassified info on the CIA's charming activities before disagreeing. Waterboarding is nuthin'

@arakun On one hand, I agree absolutely. It's posturing about questioning the baker about her old nasty recipes, now she's going to run the bakery. Just burn the goddamn bakery to the ground.

OTOH, the military and the intelligence leadership have imposed this execrable character, and have been vocally supporting her. It's fascism at its finest, and should be opposed and denied in every action.

The latter demands tactical methods, the former is a long term effort, therefore strategical.

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