Not on here enough. There is too much happening on the shitty sites and in my life. Oh well, at least I posted something again.

My bus home is now lived in. We escaped the fire-ridden forest, and I found an excuse to read go code at work. *victory music plays*

Why are people upset that Gina Haspel was a spook? Isn't the job she is nominated for "spookmaster"? If we don't like creepy, unaccountable black ops, torture and secret prisons, shut down the CIA. No, really, shut it down. There are, what, nine US intel services anyway? Sheesh. Please look up declassified info on the CIA's charming activities before disagreeing. Waterboarding is nuthin'

It's hot as Hell in Arizona today. I cannot WAIT to move.

Ahh, the WWE is such an amusing fake competition...oh crud, no that's US politics


When you are in Arizona, and you have no red clothes...

Hello Mastodon! I'm a techy programmer-type person hoping to help build a better world (direct democracy, solidarity economy, etc.). I also happen to live in a vehicle on wild, public lands, moving every couple weeks, foraging, practicing survival skills and helping people where we can. I know a lot about radio, solar, 12v DC power and nature/wildlife as a result. Nice to meet you all! Hope to see familiar and new faces.

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